The Hot Chocolate Bar is a fun addition to any event for adults and kids. We offer a full menu of Hot Chocolate flavors such as the Classic Hot Chocolate, White Hot Chocolate, and Caramel Hot Chocolate. Of course, we add on our own twist and also offer Dessert Hot Chocolates such as Oreo Hot Chocolates, S’mores Hot Chocolates, & M&M’s Hot Chocolates. We also offer Vanilla Steamers & Caramel Steamers. They are made just like a hot chocolate for those who don’t want the chocolate experience. Hot Chocolates are topped with Whip cream and sauce. We setup a Full bar of Toppings. This party bar is fun for all ages. 

Seasonal flavors are Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint Bark, & Salted Chocolate Caramel.

Topping Bar

Dessert Hot Chocolates

Personalized Hot Chocolate Bar Menu

hot chocolate sample menu pic.jpg

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